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Everyone pretty much said it, but I’ll confirm:

1. Lori’s main “job” these days is running If only we could find a way to make money from it! 🙂
2. I’ve spent the last few years developing the software behind If you’re over 18 and like to play poker, check it out.
3. Both of us spend huge amounts of time playing World of Warcraft. It’s the first MMORPG that managed to hook us. We rarely play D&D these days because our gaming friends are too scattered.
4. We’re in the SCA, but not very active. I do a little archery, a little folk guitar music, etc.
5. We created Transolar Games as the shell of a company, but it never really got off the ground. We couldn’t agree on a project that everyone on the team wanted to make and that we could do on a small budget.
6. Lori and I worked with Explorati for a little over a year. It had potential, but our two main clients dropped outside development after 9/11 took out their New York headquarters.

– Corey