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(re: QFG1/Hero’s Quest Info) Hello,

I think that from the very beginning, there was a small lizard, which could be said to be a small dinosaur.
I played Hero’s Quest I about 13 years ago, but I do remember for sure that once you passed 1000 points of experience (which is separate from your skill points), one or more (I can’t remember the exact number) big dinosaurs appeared.
But I don’t remember encountering any dragon. Has really anyone encountered a dragon, and if yes, is this limited only to the HQ 1 version, which was an excellent game and ran quite well on my 8 Mhz Turbo PC/XT. Or perhaps one of the big dinosaurs is what you call a dragon? Now that I think of it, probably that’s it.
I learned much English from this outstanding adventure game.

My greetings to all who have played the game 🙂

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Near the end? I thought you could fight dinosaurs any time in the game…