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(re: QfG4 – Collection version vs. standalone) As far as concerning QfG4 versions-

The original release (Purple box, Floppies) at Dec. 93 was really a rush-release; they barely did beta-testing. A short while after they decided to do a CD-speech version. This was released less than a year after the floppy-version, a stand-alone QfG4 box (almost exactly like the Floppy box, only white) which included speech, and a Win 3.1 version; but moreover was a much stable game than the floppy version.

Later, QfG Anthology was released. The Anthology pack is really the QfG games themselves – patched correctly with all the patches – along with up-to-date documentation (including refrence to Windows 95, and programs like Mosle etc..) The QfG4 version on the collection is the CD version.

The reason that its version is 1.0 is because it was a newer interface than QfG-4 floppy.

QfG Collection is very similar to Anthology. The motive behindn its creation is the reviving of the QfG series with working underway for QfG-5. The additions is mainly the QfG-5 demo (and up-to-date Sierra installer), and some documentation updates.

So unless your buying the floppy version, you are not about to experience problems that were solved by Sierra. The thing that is left to do is to use that special patch by NewRisingSun.