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(re: QfG4 – Collection version vs. standalone) “I sorta hoped he’d do a QFG4 patch for the disk version too though.”

The last thing I was told was that those timer problems were limited to the CD version; the disk versions supposedly didn’t have those problems (I found that the “slope” problem didn’t occur in the disk version).
I’ve made the experience though that people would rather complain everywhere instead of just telling me what they would like to see. It’s not my job to surf the net chasing clues as to what MIGHT be in need of fixing. 😛

“The German version on that same CD is a floppy version, and probably the 1.1 increment is just because of the German translation?”

There’s also an English version 1.1. When you install all of Sierra’s patches for version 1.0, you basically get the same except that the patch does not increase the version number.