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Yup, i could not agree enough! Without Al Lowe, it simply ain’t Leisure Suit Larry! We were all dissapointed when Leisure Suit Larry 8 : Lust in Space, got the axe… Then Suddenly they unleashed that dreadful, pervert laden… Magna Cum Laude, which lacked any kind of sophisticated humour, was more a mini game clone, than an adventure game, and to top it off, Al Lowe was not even contacted in the end to help out… Which resulted in a lack luster title, which sadly ruined our great old leisure suit larry series… Not to mention the fact, that larry is not even a key figure, but instead, his hillbilly looking nephew has assumed the role. With that said, i could care less for this new larry game, ill keep my eye out, but if its anything like the last, i would not even want a pirated copy of it…. My condolences to Mr Al Lowe, we will never forget who created this great series…