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“… (by Gildor Inglorion) I don’t know which of you have observed the followin in the ’10th anniversary’ pamphlet distributed in almost all SCI games, around 1991:

In the advertising page for LSL3 you can see two pics: the one from the comedy hut, and one close up of Patti. These are different from the actual game. The charis of the Hut are triangular, while Patti has not the pose of the close-up frm the game.

The funny thing is this: years ago, I saw a photograph of a woman, but kill me, there is no way to remember who it was… a model? an actress? a singer? a famous one or not? The pose of the photograph was IDENTICAL to that pic of Patti, as appears in the photo (not the game). The graphic designers must have based Patti on her!!!

IF anyone knows something about these screenshots, why were they altered for the final version and of course, if you know on whom was based that unused closeup of Patti… please enlighten us!…”
Nice, Gildor. I have 2 copies of the booklet, so I know what you mean.

To me she looks like Demi Moore- but if anyone actually knows, let us know, yeah!

I just noticed for the first time the COmedy Hut is the ‘Comedy Shop’- nice! Thanks Gildor.

– Alistair