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The CD that I have is the Sierra Originals version. It has acrobat reader (Windows and DOS versions) for a PDF of the copyright protection, some preview AVIs for Betrayal In Antara, Lighthouse, Phantasmagoria 2 and the Quest for Glory Anthology. It also has a silly little program called “Larry Pops Up!” Here is from a text file included — USERGUID.TXT:

Larry Pops Up! Users Guide

12 March 1996

Thank you for installing Larry Pops Up! (LPU) Sierra has spared no expense
in creating this amusing software product, using only the finest materials and
old-world craftsmanship. Properly maintained, LPU should give you years of
trouble-free entertainment. Harsh abrasives will mar its hand-rubbed finish.
An occasional swipe with a soft lint-free cloth should be all that is

Here it is (6.83 MB)

Larry Pops Up!