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(re: re: re: Leisure-Suit Larry) A message about the new lsl: don’t mock it till you try it!
I agree with the others, the cameos in the old sierra games added some face to sierra. In fact, sierra is probably the only company I knew of that I could name most of the staff! I knew that when I saw Al Lowe it was Larry’s creator, and I knew Ken and Roberta and all the rest. It was like the guys and gals at sierra were friends of mine or something.
btw- about young people nowadays…this may be a shock to you, but I’m only 18! I grew up with sierra games and actually began to play them too. Of course, of all the people I know….not many even know about sierra’s old days. It’s like I’m an old gamer stuck in a new gamers body. Older games rate higher with me than newer ones for gameplay and replayability!