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(re: re: Rumor Is…) I can where your coming from, but I have to disagree. While Sierra isn’t what it use to be, they’re still a good company. I enjoy many of their new games, even if they aren’t adventure. Sierra is the business of making money, that why they haven’t been producing adventure games, since the genre wasn’t that profitable. If the adventure genre did become profitable again, you can bet Sierra would be right there, producing adventure games. And adventure games are becoming profitable again. Action games are a dime a dozen nowadays, and a new genre (or an older one) is going to resurface due to a resurgence in interest. More and more adventure games are actually making money (look at Syberia and The Longest Journey, they both sold very well), and as a result, more and more adventure games are being put into production. At this year’s E3, there were more than a dozen adventure games on display (tripled what it usually is), and a good chunk of them looked good. Dreamcatcher is starting to gain some momentum in the industry, and Lucasarts is making a comeback with Full Throttle II and Same & Max: Freelance Police. Sierra most likely knows they’re sitting on a goldmine of adventure properties, just waiting to come back. If this new Leisure Suit Larry is an adventure game, it’s most to likely to test the waters, to see if an adventure game can make a profit. If the new LSL does well, you can bet Sierra will bring out more properties.
As for adventure collections, I don’t see why Sierra won’t produce new ones in the near future. If they go to Ebay, they’ll see that adventure collections fetch a pretty price. This shows there’s a demand for them. The production of a new collection wouldn’t be that much, the games are already produced. All it would need are updated system requirements, maybe an emulator that can reproduce the specs of earlier computers (to fix speed and sound problems).