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(Preliminary analysis) Vicc,
You (of course) already know this, but for anyone else reading the thread, we’re following this story very closely over at Some apsects of this new information mesh with some of the other rumors and quotes we’ve got, but we’re still being cautious. If there is a release sheet out there that lists a new LSL game for 2004, I suspect other sites will also begin making references to it shortly.
Here’s the official translation (compliments of Mattsius):
Welcome to search through PAN Vision’s release lists for different product groups!
To the left you can find lists for games, movies as well as children’s products.
You can also get your own list directly sorted by media or by device by using the dropdown list to the left.

If you have anything to ask about the release lists, you can send us an e-mail:


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Leisure Suit Larry (Xbox)
Seloste: Klassista seikkailua nyky-yhteiskunnan varjopuolella pelimaailman ehkä tunnetuimman antisankarin löysäilevään ja opportunistiseen tahtiin.


Leisure Suit Larry (Xbox)
Specification/description: A classical adventure in today’s society’s shady side to the loose-living and opportunistic pace of perhaps the gaming worlds best known anti hero.

Publisher: – LSL8 News and rumors