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(re: re: Leisure-Suit Larry on XP platform) Hi Emily. Yes I did try running and installing from the dos (command) prompt. Once I had the A: prompt I tried running from the disk, and also installing to the hard drive from the disk. All efforts resulted in the game asking for the original disk. When I typed in the drive letter that contained it, nothing happend. I’m pretty well convinced that this little 3 1/2″ disk is corrupted. It is, after all, 15 years old. I’m currently haunting Ebay to try and get the Larry collection on CD. I have the Space Quest, Police Quest and Quest for Glory collections on CD, and want to add Larry and King’s Quest. However, I just emailed Al Lowe because I have still another problem. The Space Quest EGA versions from cd show up fine as far as graphics, but the text boxes are garbled and unreadable, so of course, this makes the games unplayable. If you hear of anyone who has had this problem and has fixed it, I’d certainly appreciate hearing about it. I think it may be a problem with the interpretor on my Sony Vaio, because apparently people have played these same games from CD on other XP machines without this problem. Anyway, thanks for the help. Have a good evening.