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hmm. i don’t think i’ll be able to help, since my game is on a CD and not a 3.5 disk.

however, i have run other old sierra games from disks. this sounds a little weird because those games were (i think) too old to have any kind of copy protection on the disk. in other words, having an “original disk” wasn’t a requirement back then… which is why the manuals contained copy protection.

have you tried running the install from a dos prompt? XP only has dos emulation but it might still work. you can get to the dos prompt through your start menu somehow… it might be in Accessories or System Tools. a little dos window will open up.

first change the dos prompt to a:\ (it’ll probably start out as c:\ … if it has something after it, such as c:\windows, type “cd..” without the quotes until you have c:\ as your prompt. then type “a:\” without the quotes and you should have an a:\ prompt.)

when you have an a:\ prompt, type “install.bat” (or whatever the name of the install program is) — you might actually have to type “run install.bat”, i’m not sure. (again, no quotes on either of those.)