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(LSL 8 & Console gaming) Morgan makes some good points about the transition a game makes going from a PC to a console system, but its not always bad. Especially lately with the power that most of the consoles have the game shouldnt change that much. Examples of this are evident in games like: Hitman 2, Mafia, Deus Ex, the games played the same on all the systems, but the graphics took a little hit, and the controls had to be changed a bit. And as for the game being toned-down I dont think that will happen, you can see that games are becoming more and more violent and realistic, GTA 3 and GTA 3 Vice City, to name a few have pushed the envelope so we arent stuck playing Mario Kart the rest of our lives.
In general if Sierra does publish Larry on the consoles it would be a huge step in bringing back some of our favorite games. Because Larry and whatever other series they decide to bring back will have a wider fan base. In whatever form Larry comes in, as long as its developed well, we should welcome it. Because we all know (as mush as we hate to say it) the traditional Adventure game is dead.