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(re: LSL 8 – Confirmation!) About the translation of the PC game to a console…remember that there were translations of 1st person type games–namely I’m thinking about everyone’s favorite 1st-person-womanizer Duke Nukem–where the game was named the same thing, but had some drastic changes. Sticking with Duke Nukem 3d (from a few years ago) when it went to the Nintendo 64, it was drastically toned down as far as language, violence, and sexuality were concerned; the basic storyline was the same, but much of how it played was different.
Going a bit farther back in time: anyone remember a series done by Interplay Productions (then a wholly owned subsidiary of Electronic Arts) called The Bard’s Tale? The first game in that series–Episode I: Tales of the Unknown–was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System in the late/middle ’80’s. The NES version was nothing like the PC/Commodore 64/Amiga/Apple verison (which were all identical, save some slight differences in graphics and sound capability between the computers). All it had going for it was the fact that both games were named The Bard’s Tale; in fact, I believe the subtitle, Tales of the Unknown, was completely removed from the NES game, though any mention of TBT without any other reference suggests a kinship to the first game.
All I suggest here is this: patience. It’s likely that there will be some differences between the games released for consoles vs games released for the PC (and perhaps Mac?). I’d bet on it, in fact. Consoles tend to market towards a wider age bracket (and so, I hope, are more likely to tone things down), where the more expensive to own/maintain PC’s have a slightly more adult target age. I recognize that this isn’t a strict sort of thing–games like Halo clearly suggest this isn’t a hard and fast type of deal–but it might help to look at the trends.
In the end: hopefully, Sierra won’t castrate our beloved Larry (due to some cash shortfalls in my childhood, I’m only now starting to delve into his previous exploits!)