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(re: re: LSL 8 – Confirmation!) Currently Al is not involved – which is something we’re trying to change. We’ve got a few campaigns on LarryLives to help people voice their support for Al, and are working on more. Based on all the information we are seeing, however, the design phases may well be over and the game might already be in production. If that is the case, involving Al might not change the content of the game that much (unless Sierra is willing to ‘start over’, which I think is highly improbable).
There’s ongoing debate as to what the transition to consoles may mean for the style and content of the new game. I have also voiced concern that it may result in a ‘toned down’ version. However, there have been some pretty high-profile console games that push the limit of what is considered ‘acceptable’.
Right now we are watching and waiting. We are trying to get more details from other industry insiders. One insider hinted that they may have even seen it (unsure of what condition it was in) – but all we know from the brief comment is that the new game will still include several women…. so nothing shocking there 🙂