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(re: re: Excited about LSL:MCL) I believe that a good Larry game can be made without Al Lowe, although I, as probably everybody else, would rather see that Al Lowe would be the designer or at least some kind of advisor.
The guys over at High Voltage Software are Larry fans themselves though, and they seem to be very nice people and quite frankly my confidence in them has grown stronger all the time. At this point I’m confident that the game they will bring us will be a great one.

Link: Once Upon A Time In Australia(/showInfo.asp?userid=6270)
“: About three months ago I tried to get in thouch with Catz, but I never reached him. It would be great if he could make a comeback, but I guess that he has just moved on. If I remember correctly he didn’t update The Ultimate Leisure Suit Larry Site during the two last years it was up, but maybe that was because nothing really new happened on the Larry front back then.
Anyway, I agree that it would be nice if he could make a comeback and, for example, join the team, because a guy like him could surely make a huge difference in our efforts.