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In Larry 1, type in “jack off” and the Al Lowe (the narrator) will respond, “The whole idea was to stop doing that, Larry.”

Also in Larry 1, type in something off the wall like, “Fuck you!” and the narrator will respond, “Yeah, and I bet you would, too!”

Larry 1 again, the guy with barrel is supposed to be either Steve Jobs or the Woz. I can’t remember.

In the VGA version of Larry 1, Al Lowe is one of the perverts in the disco.

In Larry 2, the simple name of No Nookie (as is sex) is more funny scary than just funny.

Larry 2, type “piss” and the narrator will say, “You feel a warm feeling spread down you leg. Your leisure suit is not as white as it used to be.”

Both Larry 2 and 3, why is Larry’s father-in-law on None Tonight island looking like Ken W.?

In Larry 2, the Spanish in the music shop is really stupid, but funny how Larry doesn’t know what he’s saying.

Larry 2 and Larry 5, name of the airline is Aerodork.

Larry 3 had the best narrator to get into an arguement with. I’d type dumb stuff and the narrator would respond. For instance, type “jack off” and the response is, “Aren’t your hand hairy enough?” or type “fuck you” and the response is, “Same to you, buddy!”

Larry 2 had a Filth-O-Meter. After adjusting the filth to filthy, the narrator you say, “You filthy little bastard.”

If, in Larry 3, you used the cheat code to by-pass the questions, the narrator calls you a cheater and amount of filth you want in the game.

In Larry 4, Borderbund made Carmen Sandiego steal the floppies and called the game Where in the Hell is Leisure Suit Larry? If you believe this . . .

In Larry 5, Larry can piss in the fountain outside of PPC, foundles the Titty award, drops coffee on Silas Screw ‘Em All, who then keeps calling Larry names like Woapner, Luffner, Loser and etc. etc.

In Larry 5, Silas thinks Larry’s first and middle names are the same.

In Larry 5, when Patti jumps the guy in the record booth. Or gets him drunk. Whichever.

Larry 3, Larry gets a bad case of crabs with Tawni. Then dances on stage in the hotel. Not to mention that both Roger Wilco and Elvis are sometimes at the bar!

Larry 3, Larry, in Sierra’s prop storage, sees how the taxi’s are done in Larry 1.

Larry 5, Patti gets a hooter shooter. Larry medallion is an award for a Dan Quayle look-alike contest. The doctor at the FBI does some nasty things to Patti’s “area”, unbuttoning Chi Chi’s chi chis, mudwrestling till Larry’s naked, the radio station’s name is KRAP and in the airplane when Larry’s dreaming and crushing his peanuts, the stewardess asks, “Mr. Laffer, is there something wrong with your nuts?”

Larry 6 was alright, funny is all of the video clips with rockets and stuff going up.

Larry 7, what were Larry and the Captain doing it on?