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Im a bit worried. If they are laying off people, then that probably means financial trouble. Financial trouble will probably cause Vivendi to halt production on quite a bit of the games that are currently being worked on. They could cancel a few, and even though there are millions of larry fans all around the world, Vivendi probably doesn’t think that they will make a big income from the eighth Larry game. Now they just care about raking in as much money as they can instead of making people happy. Oh well, at least we had a shot at another larry. Hopefully if one of us fans can find a way to make a fan game involving everyone that was involved in making Sierra adventure games, then we would have another larry game. Even if larry 8 does get made, I have a strong feeling that it will be a platformer and not an adventure game. I saw a few screen shots, and it looks like one of those types of games. I hope that it is an adventure game that just looks like a platformer, and that it will even be made with at least Al Lowe in the captians chair. I am a little suspicious that Vivendi is trying to ruin larry, like they did with Batman. I’ll keep my hopes up though, and keep my fingers crossed.