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(Take it slow…) James, everyone, please, don’t be to quick at writing to any address you might find. Seriously, it is not the time for it yet. Our “operation” hasn’t reached this point yet, now it’s just about gathering information and we have to take it slow and be veeeeeeeeery careful if we want to do things right. For the moment I think it better for one person to advance step by step. But be assured that the time for what you’re up to will come, hopefully quite soon. Thanks, and please follow my advice in order not to spoil it all, before it even has begun. If by any means somebody gets his hands upon an address that could be of any use, please let me know, so we can think of an appropriarte message!!!
Ken, thank you for the good hint. I will do my very best to make the best of it! By the way, I have noticed that you havn’t signed yet. I’m really not trying to urge you, I suppose you have good reasons not to, which I probably would understand, if I knew. We all are really grateful for your interest and support, you rock!