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(re: Leisure Suit Larry LP?) I work as an assitant on a private research, conducted by a media expert. Most of the work, as I said, is going over old papers in the national library of my country (Israel). I can’t go into details about the research, but it has nothing to do with anything as interesting as computer gamimg, I’m afraid 🙂

Still, when I do come across interesting stuff, I take notice. In fact, this is the second time I came across a reference for Larry. The first was a 1989 article about kids and sex-related sofware. The first Larry game was discussed there, though I think the reporter actually wrote about what she heard from the kids she interviewed, rather than checking the game herself – if she had done so, I think she would have realized that the game’s tone was far less extreme than what she described.

In comparison, the review I mentioned above was a lot more balanced, noting that the game was more about gags than about sex, and that it would actually fit anyone who’s above 13.