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Everyone should visit Al Lowe’s excellent site – – lots of interesting stuff there, including the true reason as to why Sierra never published LSL4. Sierra did not lose the disks before the game was published. That’s a total myth, propagated mainly by Al Lowe himself. The short version of the true story is that there never was a LSL4.

LSL3 had a very definite ending. Al never intended on doing another Larry. For that reason, LSL3 was used to close the book on the series. However, so many people bugged Al for another sequel that at last he gave in and started working on the next one. The problem was now: how does one continue a series that has in effect ended? In order to fix this problem, Al started calling the next game LSL5. And in the process managed to skip out on his responsibility as storyteller to inform us as to all the complications that would lead Larry from LSL3 (where at the end Larry and Patti settle down to live happily ever after) to another skirt-chasing escapade.

Personally, I was immensely dissappointed with this whole development. Larry seemed a genuinely human and rounded character after playing through the original trilogy. Thereafter he just became a cartoon – a sort of charicature of the original character.

I very much doubt we will ever again see a Larry anywhere near as poignant as LSL3, or as genuinely witty and charming as LSL2.

Man, I miss classic Sierra.