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Good question.  After reading your post, I went to Amazon and looked up the book The Vampyre by Polidori.  I used the “Look Inside” feature to peruse and on page 11 of the book I found a reference to a “German work” titled Phantasmagoriana.

According to these articles:
Phantasmagoriana, inspired Lord Byron, Mary Shelley, and Polidori to write their own horror tales.  Shelley created Frankenstein and Polidori created The Vampyre.  So is the signficance in the reference/name?  The fact that a German horror tale title Phantasmagoriana was the inspiration for 2 of the most recognizable stories in all of horror history?

I would love to be able to find a translated copy of Phantasmagoriana somewhere.  I cannot find anything using Google though.