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(re: re: Phantasmagoria 2) I would check out Phantas 2 if I were you. Just like everyone says, it’s not as good as 1. However, they are both very different games, so it is hard to judge. In movie terms, Phantas 1 is like House on Haunted Hill (the original with Vincent Price), and Phantas 2 is like an 80s thriller (I think–it was hard coming up with a film equal).
I am also a big FMV fan, and Phantas 1 really stands out amongst the rest. I think it has to do with the backgrounds being entirely computer generated. I know that at times it doesn’t look real. With games like Phantas 2 and Gabriel Knight 2, some of the locations were done on actual sets, and in my opinion the production value just isn’t as good in these locations.