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I got a copy on eBay a couple years ago, and the price went up high as you said – a lot of people are just trying to find the game, even though it’s used. Mine isn’t in bad shape really, but the CD holder’s been cut up so I’ve been trying to find a new, sealed one – I know they’re out there! Unfortunately, I don’t know where to find a cheap one, other than what many people here I know would suggest – hunt bargain bins. If I can ever find a new copy, I’ll gladly sell (for a reasonably cheap-ish price) my old copy. Same goes for any of my games (as long as they’re identical versions). But if you don’t have luck with bargain bins, as I usually don’t, eBay may be the easiest (but priciest) way. There are also game-trading sites out there, I just don’t know what they are ’cause I don’t use them. Someone will surely post those links for you (but you might find the same price situation as eBay).