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Fraggin’ Alone in the Dark 1 . . . damn effin’ right about that monster in the window, the dogs in Resident Evil (pick a version), or that giant alligator on the N64 version of RE2 (I assume it’s in all versions).

I used to have nightmares about the bosses in Wolfenstein 3d (the normal looking 3-D FPS), though they’re not scary.

I jumped when Kim Chee shot me in PQ4, though it just unexpected, that’s all. In Lethal Enforcers on SNES, I kept getting scared at something, one of mobsters when he shoots, I haven’t played the game since. Weird.

I’d have to say that Phatasmagoria is up in the top 3 of scary. Gross is some of the stuff in Castlevania (and ugly is the PC version of Castlevania), but never scary. Almost. As a kid (like 6 or 7) I was (still am) scared of those purple zombies that just glide towards the Simon!

And the scene in LSL2 where the KGB captures Larry has always scared me that I play exactly the way Spear’s book suggested. Tragic is Mr. Spear died in ’98. Too bad. He never got to update the Larry Companion for Larry 6 and 7.