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No, not a wimp at all! I waited with baited breath for Phantas to arrive, I had to get it the DAY it came out. The day it did my new computer came in as well. I remember well the thrill of opening the box and installing the game.

Here is what happened: I played it all night. From 7:00PM until 6:00 AM mainly because I DIDN’T want to go to my bedroom until it was becoming light. The day before my then 6 year old daughter had had a party and one of the balloons had sort of deflated in my bedroom. I had just finished disc 5, figured the light was coming up enough so I could at least sleep a bit, walked into my bedroom, STEPPED on the balloon and in my demented mind it felt like a squished head and I let out a scream that woke my daughter AND the next door neighbors!

No, you aren’t a wimp! Was the best horror I ever played. Truly terrifying. How wonderfully satisfying! (I also would rate the FIRST Shivers up in the category of incredibly eerie as well… the night after playing THAT game I dreamed of ixupi pots!)

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