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Before I go on, I wanted to comment on your message real quick, keessp, since it relates somewhat to the rest of this message.  The reason I mentioned that Vista and IE might be culprits is because I have used the internet on Vista machines with IE that  did funny things with the pages I visited, whereas, for example, another computer sitting right next to it had no issues at all.  I agree with you that that is probably not the case with your machine; I just brought it up because I’ve seen and heard of it happening with Vista and IE.  Like I said before, I will look into it. 🙂  I’m also going to increase the site of the font on the header and reupload it.  Thank you for telling me about the trouble you had!  Like I said earlier in this message, I truly do appreciate it when anybody tells us these things.  Whether ot not we are able to do something about a problem, it at least makes us aware of it.  Again, like earlier, if you see any specific areas, feel free to inform us.  As a message to everybody, I realize that forum messages are sometimes too small, but I think that’s less of a site issue and more of an issue with message writers not changing the font size.  Oh, and one more thing, keessp…Sometimes, and I’m not saying it’s the case this time, but sometimes using a language set on Windows other than English (I believe you use Dutch, correct?  I noticed the Netherlands ‘NL’ symbol on your image) can be a big factor on how things look or display, even if it uses a Roman-based alphabet.  Web browsers, pages, programs, etc. sometimes assume that English is the language set being used, and so when another set is used, things may not show up properly.  Do other ‘English-based’ sites ever show up funny, too?  In any case, when the site moves to the new server, I will do my best to make sure the site looks okay on computers not using an English language set.  If it’s okay with you, I might occasionally ask you to take a look at something to see if it looks okay on your computer before I make it official. 🙂

Before I go, I just wanted to tell everyone that it is an honor to be working on this site.  Though Faith and I are doing the behind-the-scenes work, we couldn’t do it without the feedback all of you provide us. 🙂  It’s a cooperative effort.  We want this to be the best site possible for a company and its games that we all love so much and remember so fondly.  Now, just so everyone nows, Faith and I are not being paid to work on this site.  It is entirely worked on in our own freetime.  While we can’t dedicate 24/7 to this site, the time we spend on it is time spent out of care and love for Sierra, and we want to see it succeed.  That’s why I hope everyone continues to contribute like they have been by writing those messages, providing material, making suggestions, and even criticizing a part of the site when necessary.  It all helps, believe me. 🙂  This site belongs to everybody who has ever adventured through a King’s Quest game, cleaned up a Space Quest game, or thrown a million rocks in a Quest For Glory game, or for anyone who is new to the wonderful world of Sierra games.