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I’m at 1280×800 and can read it fine.  I have really good eyesight when it comes to computer fonts (I can read printed out size 0.5 fonts), though, so I should probably go ahead and increase the size of the font.  Also, the image actually IS centered.  It’s just hard to tell.  It’s hard to explain, but let me just say that with the way the system is setup, most of the image is hidden.  Believe me; I know EXACTLY what you mean about it.  I’m working on improving that tidbit; it bothers me, too.  I’m also guessing that the fact you are using Windows Vista and Internet Explorer together are greatly influencing the look.  The old system was developed before Vista came about, so it doesn’t take current standards into account.  I’m willing to bet that things will look better and more normal once the site moves to the new system.  It handles things very differently.  Things look much better on it.  You’ll see. 🙂  It may take awhile, but it will happen.  Most of the current issues will very likely no longer matter and will be a moot point.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on.  I hope I made some sense. 🙂  If I didn’t, I apologize.