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After seeing Faith tell a little bit about herself, I thought I should, too. 🙂

My name is Joshua McMillin, though everyone calls me Josh.  I’m 30 years old, but still a kid at heart. 🙂  I have a degree in computer science, and would love to get a job as a computer programmer, systems analyst, or anything else involving computers, networks, and/or the internet.  Right now, I’m stuck working overnight at Target.  It’s not that bad a job, but if I want to get married, have kids, and raise a family, I’m going to need a better paying job.  My favorite genre of computer/video game is the adventure genre.  King’s Quest is by far my favorite series, especially King’s Quest V.  I love all Sierra games, though. 🙂  Console-style RPG’s are my second favorite genre.  Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Star Ocean, etc…There’s a lot of them I like.  The games I’m currently playing are as follows: PS3 – Assassin’s Creed & Persona 3 FES (a PS2 games), Wii – Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, PSP – Brave Story, DS – Magical Starsign, PC – A marathon of all the King’s Quest games.

Aside from play computer and video games and messing around on the computer, I also enjoy reading a lot.  I’m currently re-reading all the books in Robert Jordan’s massive Wheel of Time series.  Anyone who’s read the books knows that this can take awhile. 🙂  I also enjoy relaxing outdoors on a nice day, riding a bicycle, swimming,  writing stories (another big one), designing my own adventure games, watching anime (another big one), reading manga, watching movies and TV series on DVD, and so on and so on and so on; there’s many, many other things I like to do.  As you can tell, I love doing lots of different things. 🙂

Anyway, I don’t wish to bore you further with this, so let’s all get back to gaming! 🙂