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Sorry for the inconvenience, but I think I have spent enough money for you to hear me. You see, I had loved the Sierra games ever since I was a kid. My first was Quest for Glory 1. The only thing out at that time was Nintendo, and Atari (if you had a friend with one). Back then, a game where you could input your own choices was mindblowing. But out of the blue, Sierra came along. I was only 11.  These games taught me how to type. These games taught me how to read at a college level. These games showed me Bach level music at an early age. So here I am, an 20 some year old rock star wannabe at 23. Your games gave inspartion.
I was lucky, my childhood friend had an Adlib card.
I begged my dad to install it, but we just didn’t have it. My dad worked with CPU’s when they first started using them in companies in 1974, or something like that.
So I went through all of YOUR old games on beeps and boops, hoping that the next boop would come out of our old 70′ stereo.
Finally! Christmas 93!!! My dad and mom saved up enough for the original Soundblaster Card. They hid it away in the same way the kid in ‘A Christmas Story’ finds his BB gun.
I was so excicted. Finally, i can have Adlib music with my favorite games (by this time it was only QG1, KQ4, SQ3)
But it didn’t work. The card was defective.
Two weeks later we received our new card.
It still didn’t work.
I shortly figured out it was the SET BLASTER command that was the problem!!! Although the first card was really defective, it didn’t even register in the I\O address.
At last the beeps and boops became, at the time, quality music.
I made that basement immaculate for anyone. It was the perfect Sierra game room. Mind you at this time, I was still 11.  The broken calculator is was I called it, my CPU. It was an IBM 8086. But it still functioned with a early soundblaster card. Back then,CPU poor people didn’t use mice. I played ’em all with keyboard. I love these games.
As I posted before, please start a petition. Your fans would gladly pay.