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“… (by Justin ) Roberta Williams: Are you going to do anymore games? …”


Roberta only comes on here on rare occasions. She likes the website, but really isn’t computer-centric. She doesn’t use message boards. She sometimes goes a couple days between checking her email (whereas I check my email every 10 minutes or so).

So, I’ll have to try to answer this question for her…

Roberta would say: “Yes, I would definitely consider doing another game someday, but have no current plans.”

Right now, she is working on something, but doesn’t know if it will finish as a book, a screenplay or a game. She’s in the early stages of the project where she is thinking about the world she’s trying to create, and the beings that live there. She is very early in the process, and my guess is that it will be several years before anything will emerge.

-Ken W