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I spoke with a non-profit group here in Texas, and they have lots of V.C. (money) available specifically for Technology-related businesses. They help individuals or company who go from Zero-To-$10Million with a cutting edge invention or product. They are working with me to get my non-game project off the ground.

I also asked them about my hobby, creating online games. That would be different, they said, because I do not have a game product, and most of the game development happens in Austin (I live in San Antonio).

But, if I had a game that was HOT, they would reconsider their position, for then I would have a product. They also mentioned partnering with someone already in the game industry — someone with experience and capital. Perhaps, Ken Williams?

When all is said and done, it’s clear that anybody could have done what Sierra did, but only Ken and Roberta actually worked at it and made it happen!

If anyone else is as determined to break into the game industry, let me know. For now, my work is concentrated on databases; it gets the bills paid until my hobby is complete: An Original Online Murder Mystery.