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“… (by qfgs ) Hi Ken. I wanted to ask if you’re going to change the colors & mix this beta-“bbs” section into the website design (as seen on the first home page) ? those colors & seperate design really rejects me

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. The BBS is no longer beta. It’s now “shipping” (for better or worse). If you see anything in it you would like done differently, email me, or post a message, and I’ll add it to the list. Unfortunately, it’s just me coding, and the list is looonnnngggg – so, don’t expect rapid change. This is a hobby, not a job, and I’ve been playing too much golf lately.

I just changed the default message board color to blue. Anyone (who is registered) can change their display colors at any time. Just click on the words “Adjust Colors”.

The new message board system isn’t well integrated with the rest of the system. It will be, but I’m moving slower than I’d like. Oh well…. those that have been on this site for a while have noticed that things DO change, it just takes a while.

-Ken W