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for the ammount of messages it has now, but when there are more threads and messages it will get very difficult to navigate.
I’m going to have a “newest” and “oldest” button on threads soon – maybe that will help. My current thought is to just watch people use it (especially myself) and then enhance it a little each day as I see ways to make it better.
I hope I haven’t offended you in any way 😉
Heck no! Comments like this help me know how to improve the site.
Here’s another piece of background info on the site: My long-term goal is that this site get taken over by one of my sons. Both are talented programmers, but neither want anything to do with the site. I’m betting that once money starts rolling in, and that they discover that they can work from home, and just cash checks – their opinion suddenly changes. If not, who cares? I’m having fun working on it. I don’t see this as a business that will ever make big money.
There are other reasons to do things than to make “big money”. I’m a believer in the power of computers to change lives. The telephone made the world smaller through giving people from different countries (and cultures) a way to communicate. Television kind of also does this, but it’s really just a broadcast medium – not a communications medium. And, there are some major problems with television as a “world shrinking device” (it’s not fair – some get it some don’t – and, it’s not a level playing field – some countries produce more, and higher quality than others). I get excited about the idea of people from different cultures having a way to communicate in a true multimedia way. I’m a “freedom of speech” kind of guy. I like the idea of empowering people and groups with a simple multimedia way to spread a message. Currently, the software on this site is adding about 1 new website per week. That will grow enormously over the next few years. Think about it. The internet is enabling communities of geographically dispersed people to communicate and interact in a multi-media way. To all of you who grew up with the internet, this is old news. To us old guys who didn’t see a computer until our teens, it’s BIG news. If I can find a way to swing it, I’m going to offer this free (or, darn close to it) to non-profits. Today you can do most of what you do here on a BBS – but, that’s only today. As I said 99% of what this site will do hasn’t been coded yet. If I used public domain software I wouldn’t really have control over what features go in, or how it rolls out. I think there is something cool here that I want to be part of, and I want to guide its destiny.
And I’m looking forward to discussing a lot of old sierra history (The good old Sierra On-Line).