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(re: I changed how messages get posted) Hi Ken,
I just recently stumbled on this site (I don’t remember exactly how I found you…I recall stumbling upon Al Lowe’s site around the same time…oh well), and I notice this thread is a month old so you may not see this, but what about adding a feature (if you haven’t already considered it) for making a search of the existing threads and/or texts of the threads to find out if various topics you’re interested in exist yet? I don’t know how much that might add to the load on this system, not being much more than a base dabbler in programming myself, but have you considered it yet?
Oh, and thank you for putting this site up–it is really neat to learn about everything that went into Sierra On-Line and it’s history; I’m 25 and so I missed out on understanding the importance of most of it as it was happening, though I do remember the games fondly! =) Thanks.