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(re: I changed how messages get posted) Ken,
This is merely a thought, and in no way intended to intrude on your programming. Have you thought about using something like
that has a pre-built interface and such that can do almost anything message / file wise? It’s merely a thought, and I am not quite sure what your ultimate intentions of this site is in the end (functionality-wise) but thought I would throw it out on the table.
I know what it is like to do your own programming and such – it can be fun to tinker – and that is fine, sometimes I just get done doing things, and in the the end am like – “oh I could have just used this”. Anyhow.. whatever it may be, just please keep this site up! – being able to chat with you on a very casual basis, and talk to the Sierra Source himself is an experience equal to playing an ‘ol Sierra game =)
Thanks for the site Ken!