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(re: re: re: Does anyone have a Mac???) This is probably a given, but it appears to be a problem associated with Apple’s use of Konquerer as a source. Well, it’s not really a problem so much as each browser tends to do its own thing since the web is so inconsistent. Emily could be right that it does indeed work in Internet Explorer on the Mac, and I’ll try again when I get home. I would/did find it very odd if/that it didn’t work. I’m currently on a PC running LINUX, and, just like on Safari, the menu doesn’t render in Konquerer. It works fine in Mozilla though, so, on second thought, I attribute the fact that it worked fine in Camino to the fact that Mozilla, Netscape, and Camino share the same codebase.

– Mike Belisle

p.s. I think you should fix this message: {LINK}13242