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(re: Does anyone have a Mac???) I notice this is 3 months after you asked the question, but yes, I do have a Mac running Mac OS X. Unfortunately, of the 3 browsers I have (Internet Explorer 5.2.3, Safari 1.0, and Camino .7), the site only works in Camino (Which is odd since Internet Explorer usually takes care of sites written for Internet Explorer and Safari works a lot better than Camino). In Internet Explorer and Safari, the menu on the left fails to render. I remember coming to the site thinking “I have to be missing something….”
As a sidenote/suggestion/reinforcement, this has been one of my main complaints with many templates currently available online. They have a tendency to work just fine in Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows, but are either marginally browseable or impossible using anything else. So, I appreciate the consideration. I’m a huge fan of writing straight simple HTML code, so I’ll make my standard plug for
Link: W3C Standards( 
. Since you’re developing a web-based application, I’m not quite sure how you could integrate standards into it, but it’s something to keep in mind. For a quick background of HTML standards, see “
Link: How to achieve standards….( 
” The thing I like about them is that I know that the websites I make (which took a lot longer than the ten minutes it’ll take your users) will work in any browser. Of course, 95% of the web I browse works fine for me in Safari. The 5% that doesn’t is infrequent enough that I usually say “Oh well, I didn’t really need to go to that site anyway.” – Mike Belisle