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(Ditto : Netscrape Bites) Nothing worse than when a client wants cross browser compatability, on a web page and even worse – cross platform compatability, and then to top it off they want it compatible with the past 5 versions. Netscape on the PC and Netscape on the Mac are two different beasts. Any stats on what % of the world is still using Netscape?
Okay, now off my little soapbox and let me seguey into a more appropriate topic : AGI. Was that your brain child to create a language that was universal on any platform, and only had to be run through it’s appropriate interpreter? Was that common in the day (albeit way back in the beginning there was alomst only you) or were you kind of a pioneer in that respect (among other respects of course). It is such a simple yet effective way to open up your market with very little overhead.
Also, my memory is failing me, but it seems like you guys had the interpreter encrypted.. and the password was something like “Dorris” the name of your secretary at the time, or something. Thought maybe you could roll that in for us die-hard trivia fans.
Anyway – with all that said I will stop and let you digest all of that.
Thanks Ken.