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(User generated links should bring up a new browser window.)

When clicking on links that other users attach to their messages, I would recommend spawning an entirely new browser window to host that link instead of redirecting my current browser window to the link. I have always found this to be a nuisance with web sites. Does anyone else feel the same way?

I say this because I almost always find myself wanting to go back to the page that started the redirection. Let’s say I click on a link on this site and it redirects the main browser. I then get caught up on that site and start surfing all sorts of other pages within that site. Eventually, I will want to get back to the original page that started the whole process. If I am in the same window, I will have to “back button” to death in hopes of finding the original page. If the link had spawned a new window this would never be an issue. Am I making any sense?