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(re: Post / Topic Naming with ) I think there should be some way of “thread-” – or “tree-“, whatever it is supposed to be when it’s done – “tracking”, so one can see which way the discussion went. If I got it right, it’s supposed to be possible to reply to one message on the same level as often as desired and then reply to each reply as often as desired again. Ken was talking about a ‘tree’ instead of a ‘thread’ and that’s the only one I can imagine (but maybe I’m just lacking creativity there ;o)
Here’s another suggestion for the tree model: Why not give the replier the possibility to enter an alternate topic? Like this:
Person 1 starts a thread/tree with topic “Topic1”.
Person 2 replies with topic “re: Topic1” which is automatic, read-only in order not to confuse other users trying to follow the thread/tree. But he also gets the chance of specifying a topic which is that of his own post. The full topic would then be “re: Topic1 – Topic2”, Topic2 starting a new tree branch.
If Person 3 or 1 or whoever replies to Topic2, Topic1, being no longer relevant for this branch will be omitted and the topic of the new post will be read-only-topic “re: Topic2” and the chance to state an own Topic3 starting yet another branch.
If the optional reply topic is not stated, the thread continues normally (e.g., “Topic1” > “re: Topic1” > “re[2]: Topic1” etc.)
I’ll add a little bitmap that shows what I mean in a folder structure. (I’m not sure whether I’d get what I wrote ;o)

Example picture of the tree structure