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(re: re: re: Site Design) I need all the help I can get!
Here’s one topic people can give me feedback on: Currently, I display the messages on the message board from the newest message, to the oldest message.
Specifically, I display the message that started the discussion, then the newest response, then all the other responses in newest to oldest sequence.
This is backwards. Should I go ahead and display them in oldest to newest sequence?
All comments on anything about this site appreciated I always hate hearing them, but that’s what makes things better. And, I’d rather move forward than worry about my feelings.
The big project that is coming up, which I will be asking people here for help with, is to help me with the interface for building websites using the software running this site.
Behind the scenes, this website is running on software I built which is intended to allow anyone to build a website. My goal was to make small businesses, non-profits, individuals in large corporations and regular people, self-sufficient in building their own websites.
I’m a good programmer, but a horrible software designer. Roberta, and our sons, have all the software design skill. Roberta keeps saying she’ll review the product when I am ready, but I keep stalling it. She’s tough to please – and, I know I need to improve it a lot before showing it to her.
In a few weeks, or a month, I hope to have the software in decent shape. At that time I’ll beg as many people as I can here to try building a site with it, and give me their feedback. I’ll then read it, get defensive, feel bad for a while, and most importantly, start making changes. THEN, I’ll be ready for the Roberta-test – and, ultimately, for real paying customers.
-Ken W