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(re: Posting System / Compatibility) Good idea Joshua…
Statistically, I don’t think I have many non-IE visitors to the website. My sense is that it’s somewhere around 2% of the traffic. Of that 2%, only about 5% want to do fancy formatting — so, with 3,500 users, we have 70 Mac users, of which about 3.5 want to do fancy formatting.
In other words, this is something I should fix — but, it really doesn’t affect many people. My inclination is to just document a subset of HTML, rather than adding the support you are suggesting. That said, I want to think about it for a few days. What you suggested is MUCH better than HTML — it’s just that it requires code, and I’m swamped now, and it doesn’t affect many people — so, I’ll think about it and then decide what to do.
For now, if you want to boldface, surround the text with <b>sample text</b>, and for colors, try this: <font color=red>sample text</font>
Good luck!
-Ken W