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(re: re: Site Design – some more suggestions) Hi Ken,
About the additional fields – if you “normalize” your database so every webmaster can add additional fields as he want, I believe you can request this data from the database easily.
About the colors: You’re using CSS (goody!), so I suggest that instead of specifying all the colors inside the website HTML tags, (the <style> and then all the specifications), create a “scheme.css” file in the website root, and use this tag in all your websites: (should be in the <head> part of the document)
<link REL=”StyleSheet” HREF=”scheme.css” TYPE=”text/css” MEDIA=”screen”>

this way, changing colors is only a matter of editing this CSS text file which will be in the root directory of every website. (the file should contain everything that you have BETWEEN the <style> and </style>. (excluding this tag)
Also, you should add to the “a.roll:hover” the property “cursor: hand;”, because on Netscape (and so possibly some other) it shows the cursor as the text cursor (that “|” cursor) when you are over the links on the pop-up menu.
Regarding the width of the menu – did you use a function to determine it? because on
the support menu has only 1 entry – “FAQ” – and the width is too short!
-Eyal. (not Yval… check my location to understand)

P.S – I’ll try to download the exterior look of the website to my computer and “play” with it a bit.
P.S 2 – I suggested a use of some sort of logo in my previous post, you might have missed it when you wrote your reply.