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(re: re: re: No Promises) Ken,

I don’t understand your problem. Where’s hosted? At which company? Why’s your ISP involved with this website? It doesn’t make much sense. If SpaceQuest.Net was to send 1000 e-mails a day, I’d have absolutely no problems what so ever. I’ve also think I recall you saying you don’t have enough server space. How’s that?

Frans van Hofwegen
I have a great hosting service – Who are you hosted with? I’ll check them out.
I’ve been with a few different companies over the years, and thus far like maximumasp the best, because of their: 1) sql support, 2) customer support, 3) reliability, 4) connection to the net, 5) selection of installed components. They’re a first tier service, although are a couple of things I don’t like: 1) I need to find an alternate solution to sending large quantities of emails, and 2) I’m limited to 2 gigs of disk space (unless I spend more).
-Ken W