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(re: re: re: re: re: Christmas design & picture) So how big of an impact (if any) did that have on Sierra? Was there anything in its early stages that got burned at your place that led to it never being worked on anymore? Or the trauma of the event cause anything to fall to the wayside at work?

No – not that I can recall. I remember being depressed because I lost my Apple I (there were only 37 made, and mine toasted in the fire). Steve Wozniak heard about my loss, and connected me with someone who got me another.
We had moved from the house to offices in Oakhust several months before the fire — so all the business stuff was at work. I don’t remember any company impact — just the personal impact. All pictures lost. High School yearbooks. The Super 8 Movies I had made as a kid (I was already a “wanna bee” film maker as a young kid), all tax returns, financial records, Etc. Roberta and I’s history just vanished. The days after the fire were even strange. The kids literally had nothing but their pajamas. We had to go to the store to buy clothes .. they were running around in their bare feet.
It was a COMPLETE loss personally, but no impact on Sierra – other than a subtle shift in attitude. Almost losing your kids is a sort of wake up call. Keep in mind that Roberta and I were really kids at the time. Look at the picture of us on the front page of the website. The fire was a key element in maturing us, and almost going bankrupt in 1982 was a much bigger wakeup call. Without these sort of crises in our lives, I don’t know that I would have become the cynical hard-edged “business guy” who was able to win while so many other companies failed. In other words, the fire had a definite impact, but not in the way you might think.
-Ken W