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(re: re: Quick Opinion Poll) Here’s some ancient Sierra trivia:
The name comes from one of the very first games Roberta and I did – The Wizard and The Princess.
When Steve Levy wrote his book Hackers, much of which is about Roberta, I and Sierra, he named the chapter where he introduces Roberta and I “The Wizard and The Princess”. I can’t speak for Steve, but my assumption at the time was that he was referring to my programming skills (I was a techno-geek), and Roberta’s ability to write fantasy stories.
For a while, the name stuck. Roberta and I had custom license plates (mine with Wizard, and hers with Princess).
I’m not endorsing this as the name for the website – I still haven’t decided which name I like best. Maybe, mostly because it’s the shortest.
Currently, my plan is to point all of the names at this website, and let people call it whatever they want…
-Ken W
PS Roberta said her preference was (she said I should add an ‘s’ to fan