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(Possible cookie authentication fix.) Ken,
You crack me up with your PS “I hate computers….” on your last message about the cookies – don’t bite the hand that fed you.. ha ha =)
Anyway, in answer to your cookie question, I don’t know if this will work or not (been awhile since I did hardcore web programming), can you not just redirect for example, all your other domains, to one common domain such as
and have write the cookie. That way all email links that go out will be from and the cookie will be there, so it will keep you logged in and such even if they originally typed say
to get redirected to
the message got saved as
If you are thinking that they would be confused by logging on to
and getting a email link from
you could set up all your other domains to redirect to a subdomain of such as
going to or
Link: http://www.wizardandprincess(http://www.wizardandprincess) 
.com going to that way you can just write the cookie as and not
since the cookie only needs to verify the domain, and not subdomain (so just leave the subdomain off in the cookie) and then it should verify any of those subdomains when they come through to the main cookie
I hope that made some sense…if not I will try again, or if you don’t think it is even close to what you are trying to do – then I will keep thinking. Hope you get it figured out.