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I just discovered an interesting bug .. that I’m not sure how to fix. Perhaps one of you has a clever idea for me.
This website is accessible via LOTS of different URLs. I use
, but lots of other people access it as,,, and a bunch of other names.
In other words, there are about 10 different URLs that we all use to access this site.
In my code, when I send out a link to the site (as a result of visitors requesting email notification of updates, I use the URL from the person who posts the message. That means that if one of you uses
, and I post a new message on
– your link that is emailed will be a link to a site you’ve never visited.
Argh .. the problem is that the cookie that keeps you logged in is for a site you’ve never been to (or, so the internet thinks).
I’m not sure there is a soluion. I need to think about this one.
-Ken W
PS I hate computers….