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(re: re: re: re: Hmmm .. I wonder why?) Ken – a few tips for that issue: first, add META tags. (in the part) Well actually, you should first fix the mess you’ve got there! you have 2 meta tags referring to “robots”, and you need to fix the “copyright” and “expires” meta tags. but primrily – fix the most important meta-tag – “keywords”. currently, it’s “association, club, fan”… you should swamp that meta tag with company names (“Sierra, Sierra On-Line, On-Line systems” …), games (“Quest for Glory, Hero’s quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry” …) keywords relating to the content of the website (“games,museum,tips,technical help,bugs,hints, TSN,INN”..) and miscellaneous words (“classic games, adventure games, SCI, AGI, Ken Williams, Roberta Williams, Al Lowe” … you get the point… Also, referring to the pages that cannot be accessed without registering, I recommend opening sections like “Sierra History”, “Computer History”, “Sierra Links” entirely! I suggest opening “Game Bugs/ Tech help”, which is a very active page, in order to attract more visitors to register, as well as optimizing the site for the search engines (that will find more information in the website and rate you higher)… lastly to register to every search-engine you can find; (use free-of-charge listing), eventually the website will surface very high in the search-engines’ databases without putting any money to them. -Eyal